We use underscore.js to get some handy functionality. _.mixin allows us to specify an object containing methods to add to underscore.


Get a random number between min and max

    'randBetween': function(min, max) {
        return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min + 1)) + min;

Round numbah to a specified number of of digits

    'round': function(numbah, digitz) {
        var scalesies = Math.pow(10, digitz);
        return Math.floor(numbah * scalesies) / scalesies;

Returns true if the value is a scalar type

    'isPrimitive': function(val) {
        return _.isString(val) || _.isNumber(val);

Returns the sign of the given value

    'sign': function(x) {
        return Math.abs(x) / x;

Repeats a string str times times

    'repeatStr': function(str, times) {
        return new Array(times + 1).join(str);

Sets up the inheritance chain so that the second argument's prototype is the first argument. This is from backbone.js, see their annotated source for more info.

    'inherits': function(parent, protoProps, staticProps) {
        var child;

        var ctor = function(){};
        if (protoProps && protoProps.hasOwnProperty('constructor')) {
            child = protoProps.constructor;
        } else {
            child = function(){ parent.apply(this, arguments); };

        _.extend(child, parent);

        ctor.prototype = parent.prototype;
        child.prototype = new ctor();

        if (protoProps) _.extend(child.prototype, protoProps);

        if (staticProps) _.extend(child, staticProps);

        child.prototype.constructor = child;

        child.__super__ = parent.prototype;

        return child;

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